Here Lord Krishna says how to overcome 'Fear' and 'worry'?

Everyone experience fear sometimes. However, there are times when fear runs among and disturbs your daily life. Fortunately, here lord Krishna can do to address your fears and minimize the impact it has on you.

Krishna seekh about 'FEAR':

Fear always roots itself within the human heart.
sometimes the "fear of losing the wealth", 
sometimes the "fear of humiliation",
sometimes the "fear of being separated by our loved once".

Hence presence of fear of seems normal to all

Have you ever thought about it?
It is the situation or the object that causes fear and it is also the  origin of grief? NO, there is no rule as such and everyone experience in fact tells that being scared does not solve problems in the future.

Fear is only the imagination of the grief to come.

It has no relationship with reality whatsoever.

Despite knowing that, fear is nothing but imagination is it difficult to be free from it and live fearlessly?  Think about it."

Krishna seekh about "worry":

On the basis of past experiences, we imagine the joys and sorrows of the future.
To eliminate the future sorrow we make plans today. But, tomorrows hurdles if planned for today-does it benefit or harm us?

We often overlook the question. The truth is that problem and its solution  are born together.

For both man and nature. Isn't it?

Think of your past. Look at history.

You'll realize that whenever a problem arises so does its solution. That's the way of universe.

Therefore, a problem is the reason for the birth of a solution.

When a person emerges out of problem they progress a step further making themselves wiser.They are high in confidence, not just for themselves but, for the world, as well. Isn't it.

In reality, a problem is a opportunity; to change oneself, to broaden our views, and to make our soul stronger and more enlightened.

The one who is able to do so, never faces any problems. But the one who fails to do this, he himself is a problem to the world! Think about it.

Expect the best. One of the greatest feelings in life is the realization that we can control fear much more than we think.
overcoming fear and worry will give you the 'spare capacity' in life to focus on what you really want to be and do. it takes effort, but imagine the rewards.
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  1. I struggle with fear and worry unfortunately. It's part of the anxiety I experience and am working to get rid of.

  2. These are both really hard things to over come for many, myself included. I would love one day to live with at least a little less.

  3. While I am laid back and seldom am worried or fearful, my spouse struggles with it daily. Hopefully, one day he will do better.

  4. I think we all experiment fear and struggles in life., I am catholic and prating helps me a big deal on managing these situations. Having beliefs and a religion does help.


  5. Fear is my traveling companion in this life but I am a firm believer and my faith helps me.

  6. Fear and worry are some of the most frequent feelings in everyone's lives. It's interesting to read about the Seekh knowledge. I have been to India and it was fascinating learning about the different gods.

  7. Fear is our greatest foe in our lives as it is always there. You don't see it sometimes. Great article with in-depth thinking.

  8. Fear is a bugger. My son is in 5th grade and got put on a team with high school players for basketball. Practice is tough, they're tall and hard to get around. He played awful today, his first game. I think it was fear. He wasn't himself. I hope it's out of his system now and he goes back to being great on the court. :)

  9. "Expect the best." Beautiful sentiments expressed here!

  10. So interesting! Fear can be so debilitating & can definitely keep you from reaching your full potential in life. I'm happy to say I definitely don't live my life in fear!

    -Madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com