Benifits of watching horror movies:

Why the thrill of watching a horror movie can helps your health :

Are you enjoy the watching horror thrillers? well, the good news is that scary movies not only stimulate your brain but also useful for health.

The number of health benefits depends upon how much you scared while watching the movie. 

Here the benefits of watching horror movies.

1) Stimulates the brain activity.

Researchers suggest that watching a horror movie releases neurotransmitters which can stimulate brain activity. Horror movies also prepare us to face several situations in real life.

2) Boost the immune system.

A study shows that after watching a horror movie our WBC count is increased. which mobilize our immune system.

3) It helps to remove stress.

You can throw stress out of your system by watching a horror movies.

4) It elevates the mood.

People feel less anxious, less frustrated and happier after they watched a horror movie.

5) They bring you close to your loved once.

When we watch horror movie holding someone we loved tightly is the best trick.

6) It can deals with anxiety.

A fight or flight response is triggered in our brain, when we watch horror movies. It can help you cope with anxiety.

7) It can burn 150-200 calories at a time. 

Watching a horror movie it helps to burn up to 200 calories in our body, this is equivalent to 30 minute walk.

So what's your favorite horror movie?

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  1. I did not even know these and the only way I do watch horror is if its in the day and always with someone.

  2. I like a good suspense movie better than horror, I think it gives the same effects with less blood and gore. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  3. Really? :) I never knew that. Well for me horror movies are a great way to pump up that adrenaline.

  4. hahaha, horror movies stress me out like crazy but i still love them

  5. ohh my…thanks for this sharing, I am 1 of the many that not into horror moviesss....I will scream outloud �� Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  6. I love this! Now maybe I can use some of these to get my husband to watch a scary movie with me 😂

  7. I really like good horror movies like the Ringu or Final Destination. I think horror movies that is done right can do some good for our bodies and health.

  8. I can watch horror movies any day and night.

  9. No way! Burns calories?? Shoot. I'll start a marathon tonight 😁

  10. we love watching horror movies so I'm glad to know there's some good in it! haha

  11. I never looked at scary movies that way..great change of perspective!

  12. This is funny but you have some points. Do you know that the best horror movies are the Japanese horror movies?

  13. Burning 200 calories of fats just by watching horror movies is just amazing. Can't wait to get on the couch and start watching.

  14. clicked through and smiling/laughing. never knew there were benefits to watching horror movies except to get my blood pumping Haha.

    Joy at The Joyous Living